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BAGUA (bah-gwah): Eight trigrams relating to nature, man, family relationships, and areas in the home. Ba is an eight-sided diagram. There are nine gua’s on the BaGua Map CHI (chee): Life force. Most important feng shui principle experts seek to channel, enhance in order to improve and increase happiness, wealth and vitality. CLUTTER: Blockage of Energy CURE, ADJUSTMENT, SOLUTION: Ways of changing your life by altering your space. The moving, adding or eliminating of objects, a ritual, prayer, action or intention is used to achieve the greatest balance and harmony, in a space, or to suppress, neutralize or dissipate negative or stagnant energies. FENG SHUI: Translates as wind and water. It is the art and science of harmonizing the person with their environment and heavenly influences. This connection is enhanced by the placement of objects within the house to create the best flow of energy, the best balance of yin and yang, the most auspicious use of space in accordance with energies present, and by mitigating negative energies and enhancing positive energies FENG SHUI CURE: Is a solution to change energy In our life that is blocked, stagnant, cutting (piercing) or rapid moving. INTENTION: Strong desire and visualization of what you want a cure to produce. Used to complement and reinforce the mundane, common sense solutions. INVISIBLE FACTORS (TRANSCENDENTAL): Chi (energy), energies of people who previously lived in your house, energies within the land or home that impact you and other factors MANTRA: Sacred words of Power. Combined with a mudra and a wish, blesses a home or individual, and enhances our intentions. MUDRA: A Hand Blessing, Such As Praying Hands. MUNDANE: Visible, easy to understand and logical cure (adjustment) NEGATIVE ENERGIES: Blocked, stagnant, cutting (piercing) or moving to fast or to slow. RED ENVELOPE: Refers to an exchange of red envelopes containing a token amount of money between a client or student and a Feng Shui practitioner who has provided information. This tradition was developed to respect and honor the information given, and to acknowledge the exchange of energy between client and practitioner. The number of red envelopes given is relative to the significance of the information provided. SPACE CLEARING OR BLESSING CEREMONIES: Changes that clears or shifts the energy. Removes and calms negative energies. TRANSCENDENTAL, UNCOMMON: Invisible, illogical and unreasonable cures (adjustment) VISIBLE (COMMON AND MUNDANE) FACTORS: Include the furniture, walls, doors, streets and other tangible elements used with Feng Shui.